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Childers: Nunnelee Hiding Behind Pelosi

October 18, 2010
tags: 2010 House, Alan Nunnelee, MS-01, Travis Childers
by Brett

In a piece in the Commercial Dispatch over the weekend, Travis Childers claimed that Alan Nunnelee was “obscuring the issues” by focusing on Nancy Pelosi, and Childers’ vote to make the liberal San Francisco Representative Speaker of the House.

Childers said: “He’s hidden behind her coattails for two years.”

Childers argued that Nunnelee is not concentrating on the First District by paying attention to Pelosi. As we have noted, Childers distanced himself from Pelosi for the first time in the campaign last week when he said he would prefer a “more moderate” Speaker and ran an ad detailing the times he has opposed her agenda.

- Childers also spoke on the use of third-party ads and said that there are no such spots targeting Nunnelee. As Patsy Brumfield reported, the DCCC has spent $505,000 attacking Nunnelee, and the Chamber of Commerce has added $137,000. Childers criticized Nunnelee for not condemning the third-party spots. Whether or not Childers himself condemned the ads is not mentioned in the article.

- Childers also mentioned how the state utilized stimulus funds to help balance the budget, and called Nunnelee a hypocrite for accepting that money while criticizing the bill. I mentioned a year ago that this would put Nunnelee in a tricky position. But it really hasn’t. The reason? The stimulus is so unpopular and simply a loser for anyone trying to defend it. Over time, Childers has certainly taken a much less enthusiastic approach to his most controversial legislative vote.

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