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Oct. 1-13 Campaign Finance Numbers

October 22, 2010
tags: Gene Taylor, Travis Childers, Alan Nunnelee, 2010 House, MS-01, MS-04, Steven Palazzo, fundraising
by Brett

Campaign finance reports covering the 12 day period from October 1 through October 13 have been posted, and here are the numbers we got.

First District

Alan Nunnelee did no fundraising during the period (raised just $3,855), but spent a relatively small $70,000 during the same time. He is reporting just shy of $257,000 cash on hand.

Travis Childers brought in another $50,000- about two-thirds of that from PACs. But at he same time he spent over $280,000 to close the period with around $265,000 cash on hand.

So for the final two plus weeks, the COH numbers are essentially even between Childers and Nunnelee.

Fourth District

Gene Taylor raised a little more than $59,000 while spending about $98,000. He ends the period with $291,000 cash on hand.

Steven Palazzo had the best two weeks in Mississippi raising a very impressive $123,000. He spent $172,000 and is now sitting on $154,000 cash on hand.

While the momentum and money is going toward Palazzo, Taylor still does enjoy about a 2-1 COH advantage.

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  1. catty permalink
    October 22, 2010 1:21 pm

    Ah, but Palazzo raised twice as much money in the fourth quarter as Taylor and he has the mo going his way(see fund raisers continue to rake in $$$$ for Palazzo). And read the letters to editors…ones supporting Taylor are emotional while the ones supporting Palazzo have a mission.
    Palazzo will win; or bearing that as fact, Taylor will be so bloodied by this campaign it is all but over for him anyway. Yet I look for Taylor and company to try to pull something nasty in the next week or so get ready!

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