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Taylor Hits Palazzo On Insurance

Got a couple updates from the Gene Taylor campaign over the past couple as they are really in uncharted territory facing a pure toss-up nine days from the election. Here is the latest ad from Taylor. He knocks Steven Palazzo on insurance where the incumbent channels his post-Katrina days when he became a hero for battling the insurance companies, including State Farm who is also mentioned in the spot.

I asked a Republican on the Coast with knowledge of the race about the less than professional nature of the Taylor ads. We know the campaign has the funds. I was told the campaign likes them for their down home, personable feel.

Taylor also sent out a press release titled 3.7 billion reasons to re-elect Congressman Taylor. There is no denying the appetite for federal money that many Mississippians (especially the lawmakers) have, but we have not see a lot of Democrats in competitive races bragging about their success at delivering money for their districts (however important the money is). Here is part of the presser:

“In fiscal year 2010, Congressman Gene Taylor requested–and Congress authorized and appropriated–$3.7 billion for 13 South Mississippi national defense projects.

Below is the list of these 13 projects at 9 South Mississippi companies where proud and patriotic South Mississippians work to provide for their families while they create the products we need to protect our nation.”

You can read about those projects here. A big part of Taylor’s campaign has been his seniority and ability to deliver for his district. This certainly falls in that theme.

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