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Dems On The Coast Still Back Taylor

Alan Lange has an excellent blog post examining the effort from many in the Mississippi Democratic Party to de-certify George Dale three years ago in retaliation for his support of George W. Bush in 2004. Initially successful, the Democrats finally lost in this attempt but the message rang loud and clear. They didn’t want members who supported national Republicans within their ranks.

Maybe that explains why Gene Taylor waited nearly two years to tell us he voted for John McCain in 2008. This revelation has become an Internet sensation, but hasn’t yielded much in the way of reaction from Mississippi or national Democrats.

In fact, an editorial in the Mississippi Press from the Fourth Congressional District Democratic Committee wholeheartedly endorses Taylor and asks for “all citizens of the 4th Congressional District, but especially Democrats, to join” them in supporting Taylor. The especially Democrats line is pretty interesting.

Kay Sims, the author of the letter to the editor, then goes on to list a litany of reasons why Democrats should support Taylor arguing that “because he carries the title of Democrat, we know he supports principles that protect the middle class.”

Sims made no mention of what they think about Taylor’s thoughts on healthcare reform, Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama.

The question is: can we take it that the full Mississippi Democratic Party feels this way? And if they do indeed support Taylor, what is the reason for their inconsistency?

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