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What’s Behind The Change In Moderators?

Last last night, I began hearing that the moderator for the upcoming debate between Gene Taylor and Steven Palazzo had been changed. A story from the Sun Herald- while not making note that there was a change- confirms the rumor.

According to Geoff Pender, Kelly Bennett will serve as moderator for Friday’s debate. Bennett is the news director for Clear Channel Radio on the Coast, and hosts a morning show on Magic 93.7. Earlier stories stated that Kipp Gregory, who has a morning shown on 104.9 (where the debate will be simulcast), would be the moderator.

I have been told by sources on the Coast that the Taylor camp was behind the change, forcing the move to drop Gregory as moderator for someone perceived as more sensitive to their side.

As I mentioned, the Sun Herald has confirmed that Bennett is the moderator. But the paper also made no note that there has been any change in plans, which does seem a little odd as this is newsworthy. We will have to wait and see if anything surfaces over the next 72 hours.

Update: We have heard from additional sources that the Taylor camp played a part in the change of moderators. I’ve also been told that the Palazzo camp will address this in some way, plans to honor the debate, but obviously isn’t thrilled about the change.

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