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Newspapers Backing Childers In MS-01

October 27, 2010
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by Brett

Travis Childers can now claim two endorsements from a couple of the biggest newspapers in North Mississippi. So far, the Commercial Dispatch and the Commercial Appeal have sided with Childers re-election.

I will admit I never heard anyone say they voted for a candidate because of their newspaper endorsements, but it is still one of the those things you’d rather have than not have. We haven’t seen an endorsement from the Daily Journal yet, but I will save the suspense: they will also be backing Childers.

Two interesting points: 1) The Commercial Dispatch, you may remember, had to rebuke the Childers campaign not to long ago for using anonymous comments made on their website as a source for his ad. 2) The Commercial Appeal cited Childers’ support for Obama’s spending measures- such as the stimulus- for the main reason behind their support.

Palazzo and NRCC comment on Taylor’s ’08 presidential vote. Both the NRCC and the Steven Palazzo took interest in Gene Taylor’s recent comments that he supported John McCain in 2008.

From Palazzo: “My opponent is desperately trying to have it both ways and hide his liberal record. His votes for Nancy Pelosi have hurt Mississippians. South Mississippians have suffered under the job-killing policies of Obama and Pelosi and will continue to suffer under ObamaCare, Cap-and-Trade and higher taxes on middle class families and small businesses. South Mississippians can’t afford two more years under my opponent and his leader, Nancy Pelosi.”

From the NRCC: “Gene Taylor is clearly terrified that his support for Washington liberals is going to cost him on Election Day. The story here is not who Taylor supported for president in 2008, it’s that he has done untold damage to South Mississippi by supporting Speaker Nancy Pelosi twice and letting her force her reckless job-killing agenda through Congress. Taylor has mastered saying one thing in Mississippi and doing another in Washington, but now it appears he’s figured out how to vote that way too.”

Personhood Amendment will be on the ballot. The Personhood Mississippi ballot initiative survived a legal challenge (for now) and will appear on the 2011 ballot along with voter ID and eminent domain proposals. A Hinds County judge said the initiative had the adequate number of signatures to make the ballot and therefore citizens have the right to amend the state Constitution. An appeal to the state Supreme Court is expected.

Clarion-Ledger looks at chairmanships. As power changes hands in Washington, so do chairmanships in the House and Senate. With Democrats likely to lose control of the House, Bennie Thompson will probably be giving up his position as Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. Should Republicans win control of the Senate- which probably won’t be happening at this point- Thad Cochran would stand to chair the Appropriations Committee. As the story points out, whether Cochran is in the majority or minority he doesn’t seem to have much problem obtaining money for the state.

But for a state that has a history of re-electing incumbents who build seniority and chair powerful committees, there is certainly a shift from power to party with voting habits.

Nunnelee: You are who you hang around. Alan Nunnelee sent out a presser today on the heels of visits and endorsements from prominent Republicans such as Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Sen. Lamar Alexander (TN) and House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (VA):

“I’m proud to call these true conservatives supporters and friends. I’ll never be beholden to Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Bennie Thompson, or big labor unions for hundreds of thousands in campaign donations, and I won’t rub elbows in Washington with liberals while claiming to be conservative at home.”

** Nunnelee has also set up a text message alert service. To get the latest happenings on the campaign, text ‘FirePelosi’ to 57711.

Odds and ends. ** Angela McGlowan issued a couple Facebook posts today cheering on Alan Nunnelee and Steven Palazzo in one (and that post appears to have been deleted). She then made a second post supporting Bill Marcy. *** Here is a rundown on MS-04 from The Hill. It was labeled their race of the day yesterday. **** We have new campaign spots out. Here is the final ad from the Childers campaign, and here is the NRCC’s latest targeting Taylor.

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  1. mswordgirl permalink
    October 27, 2010 10:38 am

    Getting an endorsement from Chris Peck and the Commercial Appeal is like getting an endorsement from Pravda.

  2. goptothebone permalink
    October 27, 2010 2:04 pm

    we call it the communist appeal guess the endorsement fits

  3. Honesthank permalink
    November 1, 2010 1:41 pm

    When all said and done if you Conv. keep reading all these liberal newspapers and watching these liberal news networks you become what they are libeals. It is time we stop supporting them. As most of you maynot know 1180 here in Jackson, Ms. took my friend Kim Wade off the air. This goes to show liberals don’t want anyone on the air that tells the truth here in Ms. I am asking you to stop listening to this station and please stop watching ABC, NBC, CBS, SNBC,CNN and anyother liberal network. If we stop it for two months we will teach them to tell the truth. If not keep you mouth shut about how they lie. ALSO IF YOU ARE TO LAZY TO GET OUT AND VOTE DON’T COMPLAIN ABOUT HOW OBAMA AND THE LIBERALS ARE RUNNING AMERICA DOWN THE DRAIN. FOR IF YOU DON’T VOTE YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BITCH.

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