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DCCC Sticking With Childers

October 28, 2010

Each week, political analysts pay close attention to the independent expenditures from the national parties- especially the DCCC in this case. Simply put, it is as good of a barometer as anything on how they feel about a particular race. If they pull out a district, it is pretty tough to spin that as anything but bad for the parties chance to retain the seat.

As this list shows, the DCCC is sticking with Travis Childers for the final week of the campaign. In fact, they are dumping in another $225,000- a pretty significant buy for a relatively inexpensive district. All totaled, they have spent just under $1 million in attack ads on Alan Nunnelee.

Should Democrats in North Mississippi feel good that the DCCC is still spending money on Childers? I suppose, but their final buy totals 66 districts; of which just a couple are held by Republicans. It’s safe to say that a large chunk of these Democratic members will be defeated in five days. And as far as the money goes, it doesn’t hurt that Childers has been a good bit kinder to Nancy Pelosi than a number of other Democrats from conservative districts.

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  1. INDEPNMS permalink
    October 28, 2010 1:51 pm

    We got to get out and go door to door this last weekend. I’ve talked to many people over the times I have been out campaigning for my fellow conservative. People have said they are tired of the negative Childer’s tv adds and flyers. Some fellow told me that every time he saw a Childer’s/DNC/Union tv add or flyer that it made he all the more willing to crawl over broken glass to vote for Nunnelee! Way to go! I pray this proves true for the majority of US MS 01.

  2. EMT1 permalink
    October 28, 2010 7:31 pm

    Let him go down with that sinking ship known as the democrats. I may just send Travis a “pink slip” by mail after the election.

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