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Friday Rambling’s with Robert

October 29, 2010

Election Craziness

There is nothing more exciting for those that follow politics than an election day, no matter where your loyalties may lie.  We have been talking about it since early 2009 and now the time has come to see where we are almost 2 years later.

We have bashed Travis Childers, and deservedly so, throughout the course of that time and now he stands before the jury that is the electorate and must see how his first full term is graded.  He has a worthy opponent in Alan Nunnelee who has a great deal of advantages on his side just days away from the election and I honestly expect Nunnelee to win and to do so with ease.  The interest in this race has cooled a bit it seems as we have seen quite the turn of events to the southern part of our state.

Gene Taylor always seemed like a shoe-in to win re-election in his heavily Republican district despite being a Democrat.  The last few weeks have been very interesting in MS04 as we basically have a deadlocked race that could go either way Tuesday night.  For the first time in a long time Taylor has actually had to devote serious time to campaigning against a challenger in Steven Palazzo who may actually be able to pull off an upset that no one could have predicted as election season kicked off.  Things appear to have gotten nasty down the stretch and I am sure the last few days of the campaign will be worth watching including tonight’s scheduled debate.  This race by far has become the most interesting in my opinion and I look forward to seeing the returns on Tuesday.

Election day can sometime bring surprises and I am sure there will be a few nationwide that will catch some off-guard.  If you were to look at a House race in Mississippi that could deliver a seismic blow it would be in MS02 where Bill Marcy may be giving Bennie Thompson his toughest race ever.  There is so little good information or polling on the race that it is hard to really see what may happen.  The district itself is also a large mystery because you know turnout will be low, but we don’t know if it will be low enough for Marcy to overcome the built-in disadvantage that any Republican has in this district.  The unknown factors in this race make it interesting in a year where almost every race draws a bit of interest.

The least entertaining of all of our Congressional race will be in MS03 where incumbent Gregg Harper has a rematch with Joel Gill on Tuesday.  The only thing interesting about this race is if Harper can get over 70% of the vote on Tuesday.  Harper has the advantage of being a Republican in a Republican district in a Republican year and it is hard to lose with that on your side.

I hope everyone takes the chance to vote on Tuesday because no matter who you support you are setting the course for this country for the next 2 years.  Elections are crazy times and this year sure has not been a disappointment to follow and the last few days may provide us with even more excitement as we close out another campaign season on Tuesday night.

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