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The Clarion-Ledger Shocker

October 31, 2010
tags: 2010 House, Alan Nunnelee, Gene Taylor, MS-01, MS-04, Steven Palazzo, Travis Childers
by Brett

Last Wednesday I said this: “We haven’t seen an endorsement from the Daily Journal yet, but I will save the suspense: they will also be backing Travis Childers.”

The next day the paper formally backed Childers adding to his list of endorsements. In addition to the Daily Journal, Childers has also picked up the backing of the Commercial Appeal and the Commercial Dispatch. The NRA, National Right to Life, Chamber of Commerce, and Veterans of Foreign Wars have also backed the Democrat. Should Childers lose on Tuesday, everyone I just mentioned will basically prove their irrelevance.

But this morning, we got what I would consider shocking news: the Clarion-Ledger backed Alan Nunnelee. It is not that it is shocking because they are liberal, it is shocking that they backed a challenger versus an incumbent (where the incumbent is certainly still in the race).

The Clarion-Ledger also backed Bennie Thompson, Gregg Harper and Gene Taylor.

Palin cuts radio ad for Palazzo. Sarah Palin had previously endorsed Alan Nunnelee and Bill Marcy on Facebook, but she recently endorsed Steven Palazzo and cut a radio spot for the Republican. You can listen to it here.

And here is the text of her endorsement: “Hi, this is Sarah Palin. I’m calling to encourage you to send a message to Washington in this election. Steven Palazzo is a principled conservative like you and me. We can depend on him to support our values and stand up to the liberals in Washington. Let’s change things on Tuesday. Vote conservative Republican Steven Palazzo for Congress. Thank you.”

Rule number one: Don’t call voters idiots. Mississippi Democratic Party Chairman Jamie Franks recently showed us why the state party is in disarray. In a great find by Right of Mississippi, Jamie Franks told the Sun Herald that, “Anybody who votes for Steven Palazzo…is an idiot. I cannot believe that would even be a race, given Gene Taylor’s long list of accomplishments.”

Franks ought to know better than this. As we approach 2011, Republicans should take confidence that the state Democratic Party stands to be a liability- rather than an asset- for Democratic candidates.

Open Secrets report on Taylor’s finances. Despite declaring that he did not vote for Barack Obama in 2008 and will not vote for Nancy Pelosi should he win another term, some digging by Open Secrets reveals that Gene Taylor has relied on national Democrats for a portion of his campaign change.

During the past two election cycles, Taylor has received $23,000 from fellow Democrats. The same report also shows that the Democratic-aligned 2010 Leadership Council along with the NRA have spent a little more than $49,000 on independent expenditures in support of Taylor.

** And in some more recent campaign finance news, on Friday the DCCC dropped $156,000 in ad buys targeting Palazzo.

Here is a statement from the Palazzo campaign on that revelation: “This is the smoking gun that Congressman Taylor is indeed a counterfeit conservative. How can he on the one hand say he is against Pelosi, but on the other hand have her dump thousands of dollars into his campaign to save his career? It’s clear his loyalty remains with Nancy Pelosi and her job-killing agenda, not the conservative voters of South Mississippi.”

GOTV and election night details. In a press release, the Palazzo campaign announced a “massive get-out-the-vote” effort throughout the district. This will be coordinated through the campaign’s satellite offices in Ocean Springs, Hattiesburg, Bay St. Louis, Picayune, Laurel and Gulfport which will serve as phone bank centers and campaign literature depots.

** In an Organizing for America email, which uses Michelle Obama’s name as the author, the group is utilizing phone banks throughout Mississippi- and the nation- on Election Day. To those in the Jackson area, they will meet at 113 North State Street. Other locations throughout the day will serve the same purpose.

*** I asked officials from the Nunnelee campaign about what they will be looking for as indicators as the results come in Tuesday night. While the campaign has had targets for every county, one thing they will be looking at is overall turnout in the First District population centers of Desoto, Lee and Lowndes counties.

Fourth District news and notes. ** Lots of stories here, but I’ll start with this question: Why did Taylor send out an email late last week saying that Palazzo had ducked out of their upcoming Friday debate? As we now know, the debate certainly did happen. *** In a campaign email, Taylor talked Iraq and Afghanistan saying this: “I’ve been to Iraq nine times and Afghanistan seven times. My opponent, who is a National Guardsman, somehow never made it there. I think the fair question is why didn’t Steven Palazzo go? His unit went twice. And I think the people of South Mississippi deserve an answer to that question.” **** On the same subject, Palazzo said this: “I appreciate Congressman Taylor’s photo ops to Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m sure the troops appreciated you being there.” ***** Palazzo knocked Taylor for where he said the Democrat has been “taking credit for others.” He points to $45.6 billion in Defense Department contracts and $21 billion in Hurricane Katrina Recovery funds. Palazzo contends that the major players involved in the money were Trent Lott, Thad Cochran, Roger Wicker (who previously served on the Appropriations Committee in the House), and Haley Barbour. ****** Taylor reiterated an attack on Palazzo that his plans in the House would have cut the 13th check. Palazzo has denied this charge, but Taylor doubled-down with this. ******* The Mississippi GOP issued a press release, making this interesting point: “So now he can’t support his party and he can’t deliver on his promises. What good is he for Mississippi?” ******** Here is an edited portion of the Joe Tegerdine interview on the Gallo show from Friday.

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