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Miss. Right to Life Grades The Candidates

In their pre-election newsletter, Mississippi Right to Life included this chart on how they rate Congressional candidates from the four districts in Mississippi:

As we mentioned in the past, the National Right to Life endorsed Democrats Gene Taylor and Travis Childers over the summer. The only challenger they endorsed in Mississippi was Bill Marcy, who is running against Bennie Thompson; a strong proponent of abortion rights who has a lifetime rating of 0 from the organization and doesn’t respond to their questions either apparently.

Of interest, Taylor makes exceptions for the life of the mother, rape and incest. His opponent, Steven Palazzo, only agrees with exceptions for the life of the mother. Because of that it is somewhat surprising they endorsed Taylor although they did before Palazzo was in a strong position to win and their general tendency to support pro-life incumbents (even over a challenger who is stronger in his opposition to abortion). I know some state parties will not endorse candidate who make exceptions for rape and incest.

The organization does not have a firm stance from Childers on exceptions he permits, but his 100% rating during his first term in Congress won him the endorsement. Nunnelee makes exceptions for life of the mother only.

One last point: while this was sent out by the Mississippi Right to Life, the endorsements are from the national organization- not the statewide group.

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