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Miss. Right to Life Grades The Candidates

November 1, 2010

In their pre-election newsletter, Mississippi Right to Life included this chart on how they rate Congressional candidates from the four districts in Mississippi:

As we mentioned in the past, the National Right to Life endorsed Democrats Gene Taylor and Travis Childers over the summer. The only challenger they endorsed in Mississippi was Bill Marcy, who is running against Bennie Thompson; a strong proponent of abortion rights who has a lifetime rating of 0 from the organization and doesn’t respond to their questions either apparently.

Of interest, Taylor makes exceptions for the life of the mother, rape and incest. His opponent, Steven Palazzo, only agrees with exceptions for the life of the mother. Because of that it is somewhat surprising they endorsed Taylor although they did before Palazzo was in a strong position to win and their general tendency to support pro-life incumbents (even over a challenger who is stronger in his opposition to abortion). I know some state parties will not endorse candidate who make exceptions for rape and incest.

The organization does not have a firm stance from Childers on exceptions he permits, but his 100% rating during his first term in Congress won him the endorsement. Nunnelee makes exceptions for life of the mother only.

One last point: while this was sent out by the Mississippi Right to Life, the endorsements are from the national organization- not the statewide group.

The entire newsletter is below the fold.

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  1. Honesthank permalink
    November 1, 2010 1:34 pm

    You can’t look at the voting record. Look at who they support. If you suppot N. Pelosi, B.H. Obama two of the biggest baby killers in the world that makes you support abortionl Which Gene Taylor and Travis Childers does. So how do you give them that kind of rating? The only reason they vote the way they do is to keep their jobs. They keep their finger on the button to vote the way N. Pelois needs them to vote. Gene Taylor voted for Obamacare. This is how he did. When it came out of the Committee he could have voted no, that would have help kill the bill, but he voted yes to allow it to g0 to the floor for a full vote to become law. How else can you call it but a vote for Obamacare.

    Also the other day on a TV and radio show in Hattiesburg and the woman who was interviewing him had a good laugh at Steven Palazzo. The woman the guy running against you Steven Pelosi ah ah ah I mean Steven Palazzo. Stupid Taylor said oh they can be enterchanged. This jackass who supports N. Pelosi ov er 84% of the time makes a statement like that, then people wants to return this jerk back to DC. If someone votes for him they too are gulity of killing babies. Not only does Taylor supports Pelosi over 80% of the time he also support B. Frank 86% of the time (you know who Frank is. He is the one that was shacked up with the Guy who was in charge of Fannie Mae when Frank said that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was not in trouble, when they both were broke. ) Talyor also supports Charlie Rangle over 86% of the time. Don’t take my word for this go to Gene Taylor’s voting record and look it up yourself. But you are to much of a coward to look it up and get the truth . for like all liberals you can’t stand the truth like you little New Paper that can’t tell the truth about Taylor. Going to Church does not make you a Christian anymore than walking in the rain makes you a rain drop. And putting tese liberals back in office you will pay in the end when you try to get in Heaven.

  2. Mrs. Shannon Boren permalink
    November 2, 2010 8:41 am

    I love this site! I am a married mother of one in the first district in Mississippi. My husband and I purchased the Pro Life car tag, firmly believe in Pro Life ourselves having lost our own second child to Edwards Syndrome shortly after birth. We have not been able to conceive since. I am not very intelligent when it comes to politics but clearly you don’t have to be to know that Obama is a very sick, under qualified individual that supports yanking babies any way possible out of a mother because she’s decided “she’s just not ready to be a mother yet”. Please e mail me the most pro life candidate running in the first district in Mississippi today in the Nov.2, 2010 Election. Thank You Kindly! Thanks to people like you I still have hope for a Christian and Family Oriented enviroment for my childs generation, which I was clearly questioning since the Innuguration of President Obama! Your Friend & Supporter, Shannon Boren

  3. brenda keyes permalink
    November 2, 2010 1:36 pm

    Mrs. Boren, The MOST pro life candidate in the 1st district is Senator Alan Nunnelee who has done so much in the way of legislation for the rights of the unborn he has been given an award by the Americans United For Life. It simply says that “Mississippi is the safest state in America for the Unborn.” I am personally involved with local pro life organizations and they sing his praises!

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