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Election Night 2010 Is A Wrap In Mississippi

November 2, 2010

Congratulations to Alan Nunnelee and Steven Palazzo for doing what happens very rarely in Mississippi: defeating an incumbent Congressman. Both Nunnelee and Palazzo rode the Republican wave to a surprisingly easy victory in the First for Nunnelee and a relatively comfortable margin for Palazzo in the Fourth. The GOP has had their sights on Travis Childers since day one and Nunnelee was their guy to challenge him and for months many people gave Nunnelee the edge. But for Palazzo, few people thought he could win just six weeks ago. Obviously he proved those people (myself included) wrong.

In the Second and Third there were no surprises. Bennie Thompson did a little better than some thought (he is currently up 61-38) while Gregg Harper is just short of 70 percent right now.

We will be back tomorrow with analysis and a look at what is next. But for now, you can go to bed knowing the GOP will occupy 75 percent of the Mississippi delegation come January for the first time since Reconstruction. That is just a testament for how far the party has come and where they are today.

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