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What We’re Looking At Next

November 3, 2010

We still owe you recaps from MS-01 and MS-04, but here are three things we will be looking at as 2011 (and 2012) approaches.

1) Haley Barbour has continuously said he will look into a presidential bid following the 2010 midterms. Well, those midterms are over. In the next few months we will find out how serious a candidate Barbour is. While we have candidates who are perceived to be presidential contenders, we ought to know a lot more by January. As for Barbour, his stock continues to climb. The GOP- under Barbour’s watch- gained a majority of the governor’s mansions last night with eight more that have yet to be called.

2) Look for state offices to begin shaping up. This includes the well-known statewide offices down to the state legislative seats. The Democrats in the House and Senate need to be thankful they weren’t on the ballot yesterday, will an off year be there saving grace? We know the GOP- both nationally and in the state- have invested in electing Republicans to state legislatures. If the GOP doesn’t field top candidates and win in 2011, you may have to ask when are they going to do it. And of interest, both Alabama and North Carolina state legislatures flipped to the Republican column for the first time since Reconstruction. Their ancestral Democratic legislatures are/ were a lot like Mississippi. Just something to think about.

3) With the passing of Bill Minor, we now have an opening for the Transportation Commissioner for the Northern District. This is a seat Minor- a Democrat- was unopposed for in 2007. If the Republicans are going to have a big year in 2011, they ought to start by targeting this race. A lot of the people who voted for Travis Childers in 2008 and Alan Nunnelee in 2010 live here, so they are certainly ready and willing to vote Republican. On another political note, if a Republican was to win they could team up with Dick Hall in the Central District to basically fire MDOT Chief Butch Brown.

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  1. catty permalink
    November 3, 2010 3:10 pm

    The Southern Highway District surely could use a GOPer in the Northern District replacing Minor so that we could have “honest services” regarding the letting of consulting contracts, etc. Also Wayne Brown, who is suppose to retire after this term, is becoming increasingly suspect concerning Highway 15 and the need to abandon the rights- of-way already purchased and move the route instead where it just so happens to benefit some acreage owned by Brown. More to come. Hall has been stuck between two hard places and a rock all this time. Also we wonder what will become of the indictment facing Butch Brown for resisting arrest, drunkness, etc…..This whole department seems to need an airing out…or as we Southern women say….best put this out in the sunlight and freshen it up.

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