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2008 Presidential vs. 2010 Congressional

November 6, 2010
by Brett

Over the past couple days I have developed a few different red and blue county maps and below is what I believe will be my last set of such maps from the election. This morning, I have something a little different. I took a look at the 2008 presidential results by county in the First and Fourth. I then wanted to compare it with the Congressional races from Tuesday. We know the GOP gets their highest votes in Mississippi during presidential elections, but these maps do set up some interesting comparisons.

In 2008, the only counties from the two districts not carried by John McCain were Chickasaw, Clay, Marshall, Panola (in the First) and Jasper (in the Fourth). Those five counties all have a black population of at least 40 percent.

2008 presidential election:

2010 Congressional elections:

What stands out to me is the First District. Barack Obama carried four counties. Travis Childers only carried six. This includes the four Obama carried plus Benton (which is 35 percent black) and his home county of Prentiss. This, to me, really puts into context how poorly Childers performed. In 2006, Democratic nominee Ken Hurt won 34 percent in the First District against Roger Wicker. In 2008, Obama won 38 percent of the vote in the district. Childers, who spent more than $1.4 million, managed 41 percent- three points higher than Obama who paid no attention to Mississippi and seven points more than an unknown Democrat.

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