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Erickson Now Bashes Nunnelee

November 18, 2010
tags: Alan Nunnelee, Congress, Red State
by Brett

This is one of those for-what-its-worth type pieces, but Erick Erickson proved he and Red State could be a player inside Republican circles. This mainly involved trying to stir things up and as I said before sometimes it worked (see Marco Rubio) and sometimes it didn’t (see Christine O’Donnell). The man who has called on Roger Wicker to be primaried by a Tea Party candidate now has his sights on incoming Congressman Alan Nunnelee.

Yesterday I posted on Twitter (follow me!) that Nunnelee was interested in serving on the Republican Steering Committee in one of the slots traditionally handed to freshman. By virtue of serving as Appropriations Chairman in the state Senate, Nunnelee need not apply if Erickson has a say:

Specifically, Politico mentions that Alan Nunnelee of Mississippi is interested in serving on the steering committee. This cannot happen. Nunnelee chaired the Appropriations Committee in the Mississippi State Senate, and looks to be the second coming of Thad Cochran. Once an old school appropriator, always an appropriator, and the burden is on Nunnelee to prove that he will be different at the federal level.

In Erickson’s world, the path to committee seats now runs through him I suppose.

Besides viewing things on the surface as Erickson does in this case, he ought to actually review the Mississippi state budget. For all the back-and-forth between Billy McCoy and Haley Barbour, it is undoubtedly one of the most conservative, leanest budgets in the country in good times and in bad.

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  1. Amber permalink
    November 18, 2010 9:46 am

    I have been impressed with the way Nunnelee managed and slashed. We ask our representatives to make the hard choices and we hold it against them. Once again let’s hold experience and wisdom against someone. A great way to get another Obama.

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