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Look For Number Of Majority-Minority Districts To Remain

November 23, 2010
tags: Congress, Gregg Harper, judicial elections, redistricting, Steven Palazzo
by Brett

I’ve mentioned on this blog a number of times that there are 39 majority-minority districts in the House and 12 in the Senate (51 out of the 174 legislative seats). From everything I am hearing, and from multiple sources, those numbers will stay the same. I have been told that essentially “all sides” have agreed to those numbers. By all sides, I imagine we are talking about the GOP, the Black Caucus, and the rural, white Democrats.

Harper’s advice to incoming freshman. Rep. Gregg Harper, soon to be entering his second term in DC, offered this advice to incoming representatives as part of a how-to guidebook for new Republican members: “Always assume you’re on camera when you are in the Chamber. Even if you are simply looking at your cell phone, you might appear to be asleep. It’s happened to other members.”

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) likely agrees:

The 12 people who were watching CSPAN while this happened live may have missed it, but the Internet sure makes it easy to pass stuff like this around.

Palazzo on committees and earmarks. In addition to a spot on the House Armed Services Committee, incoming Rep. Steven Palazzo is also looking for a seat on the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

** Palazzo released this statement on the House GOP’s unanimous decision to ban earmarks: “The conservative freshman class swept back Congress on a pledge to end the reckless spending spree. We’ve promised to fundamentally change how Washington operates and we’re holding true to that commitment. Last week, the House Republican Conference passed an historic ban on earmarks in the upcoming 112th Congress. I supported this measure because it demonstrates Republicans are serious about spending reform.”

And Palazzo added that “significant spending reform must be enacted immediately,” including reforming “entitlement spending, break apart and work to repeal the devastating spending mandated by ObamaCare and force the Washington bureaucracy to trim the fat off their wasteful budgets and defunct spending programs.”

Did you know there were a few elections today? Here is a list of the runoff elections that are taking place in 26 counties today where a number of judicial races still to be decided. There are also a few various races for offices such as sheriff, supervisor, constable, and more.

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