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Last Word On Posey Party Switch

December 9, 2010
tags: Brandon Presley, Jamie Franks, Lynn Posey, Mississippi Democrats, party switch, Public Service Commission
by Brett

We have a couple remaining pieces to talk about related to Public Service Commissioner Lynn Posey’s switch to the Republican Party yesterday. The first is the release from Jamie Franks, state Democratic Party chairman.

** Here are some quotes from the Mississippi Democratic Party release:

“Democrats worked hard to elect Lynn Posey in 2007, and he responded by voting to increase the utility bills for thousands of Mississippians. Now, he turns his back on the people who swept him into office to join a party controlled in part by the energy companies getting rich from those increased utility bills.”

“Mississippians elect public service commissioners to regulate an industry that is vital to our everyday life. When our regulators are so flimsy they vote one way one day and the exact opposite the next, then people start losing trust and confidence in our government. That’s what happened with a lot of people – Democrats and Republicans – after Posey flipped on his vote over Kemper County.”

“How can being for protecting jobs at South Mississippi power plants and against raising the utility bills of Mississippians be liberal? I’d say kowtowing to the whims of millionaires and huge energy companies is a lot worse than fighting for the interests of hard-working people who just want jobs, a good education, affordable health care and safe communities. Mississippi Republicans have cut programs that provide all of those things.”

Check out Y’all Politics for the entire release.

For comparisons sake, here is what Franks said when State Rep. Scott Bounds changed parties. And to go back even further, here is the response to Amy Tuck’s party switch in late 2002 from the Magnolia Political Report.

*** As for Brandon Presley, now the lone Democrat on the three man board, he said the change will not affect his working relationship with Posey. Presley said, “When people call my office for help, they don’t call first and say, ‘Hey, are you a Democrat or a Republican?”

**** Whenever one changes parties, we like to look at their chance of winning re-election with that new party. The central district is a tough one for a Republican. In 2007, Posey defeated Charles Barbour as Barbour’s uncle was cruising to re-election statewide in the governor’s race. Prior to Posey, Nielsen Cochran- brother to Senator Thad Cochran- held the seat for 24 years. So it has been winnable for a Republican in the past, plus I believe Posey’s switch was a good indication that the political climate of 2011 will be a lot like 2010.

***** I do not believe Posey is the last party-switcher leading up to the qualifying deadline for next fall. And here is the full list of party-switchers in Mississippi going back to January, 2008: Representatives Billy Nicholson (District 78) and Scott Bounds (District 44); District Attorney Eddie Bowen (Smith, Jasper, Covington, Simpson Counties); Neshoba County Chancery Clerk Larry McMillan; from Simpson County Sheriff Kenneth Lewis, Supervisor Mickey Berry, Circuit Clerk Cindy Jensen, Justice Court Judge Eugene Knight, Constable Dan Easterling and D’Lo Alderman Michael Shoemaker; and from Marion County Supervisor Randy Dyess, Justice Court Judge Gwen Broom and Election Commissioner Charles F. Broome.

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  1. Doloroso permalink
    December 9, 2010 10:26 am

    It certainly isn’t an easy district for a Republican. But Dick Hall has managed it pretty well.

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