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Friday Ramblings with Robert

December 10, 2010
tags: Delta State, Lynn Posey, Mississippi Democrats
by Robert

Running On Empty

The MS Democratic tank got a little lighter this week with Lynn Posey flipping his allegiances to the Republican side.  Jim Hood will continue to be the lonely star in the empty galaxy that has become the party.  Time will tell if it was a good move for Posey when he runs for re-election, but I’m sure the state GOP has promised their full support to help keep him in office and it sure does not seem as though it will be a good year for Democrats in 2011 so his odds look pretty good at this point to stave off any serious challenge from his former party.  The continued exodus away from the Democratic party may leave them with only the truly liberal factions of the party in the future.  That will not lead to a good future for them in a state that continues to be staunchly conservative.

DSU On The Brink

I’m not sure if many people realize it but there will be a D2 Football National Semifinal game in Cleveland this Saturday.  Delta State is one win away from playing for a national championship as they take on Shepherd University Saturday at 1:00.  Delta State is just 10 years removed from their previous National Championship win in 2000.  It is great to see a local school this close to bringing home a national title in football and hopefully luck will be on their side this weekend to get them even closer to that ultimate goal. 

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