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DuPree: “I Wouldn’t Be Doing This If I Didn’t Think I Had a Chance”

December 13, 2010
tags: 2011 Governor, ballot initiative, Delbert Hosemann, Johnny DuPree, Lynn Posey, Phil Bryant, redistricting
by Brett

Hattiesburg mayor- and 2011 Democratic gubernatorial candidate- Johnny DuPree had a profile in the Clarion-Ledger over the weekend. Here are some of the highlights from that:

1) DuPree acknowledged that he is the underdog in this race. He likes to look at his situation as that of David from the famous David and Goliath story. But DuPree said, “I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t think I had a chance. I actually believe the citizens will make a thoughtful choice.”

2) DuPree expects to be out-fundraised by Bill Luckett (who has been raising money with his friend and business partner Morgan Freeman), but he tried to downplay the significance of this. “In every race I’ve ever been in, I’ve been out-raised except one, and I was the unopposed then. If you offer to give me $100 or 10 volunteers, I’ll take the 10 volunteers every time.”

3) At least for the primary, I believe someone can win with less money. I also think DuPree’s race will be a positive in a primary where African-Americans will makeup nearly half the vote. DuPree can’t make it with zero funds, but I am not buying that Luckett has this going away at this point.

Bryant sends out end-of-year fundraising appeal. Here is the text of a recent campaign email from Phil Bryant:

“In 25 days, the year 2010 will be history. 2011 promises to be an exciting year for Mississippi, and I look forward kicking off a great campaign. The end of 2010 also holds another milestone, and that is the end of campaign finance reporting. As we get nearer to our end-of-year goal of $2 million, we are thankful for the generosity of so many Mississippians who have supported us this year. But, with days on the calendar, there is still time to improve the best fundraising year we have ever had.”

Redistricting and the Coast. In a Sun Herald article, state Rep. Hank Zuber (R-Ocean Springs) painted a less than rosy picture for what reapportionment will likely due to the Coast. According to Zuber, the Coast is likely to lose two House seats and a Senate seat. This is obviously a result of population loses and shifts following Hurricane Katrina.

Since 2000, Hancock has seen the population fall 4.7 percent, Harrison has gone down 4.4 percent and Jackson has seen growth of 1.1 percent.

Loses on the three Southernmost counties have been offset in counties directly to the north. Pearl River has seen gains of 19 percent, Stone has grown 22 percent, and George has added 18.5 percent. These numbers are all based on 2009 census estimates, and certainly aren’t official.

Hosemann predicts a win for 2011 initiatives. During a recent stop at the Rotary Club in Natchez, Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann predicted that the three ballot initiatives will be approved by voters in 2011. The three initiatives relate to 1) voter ID 2) personhood amendment and 3) voter ID. Hosemann supports all three.

Hosemann said this: “None has ever passed. I anticipate all three of those (on the ballot in November) will pass.” Two citizen initiatives have made the ballot in the past. They both related to term limits, and both failed. Dozens of other proposed initiatives never made it to the ballot.

Pictures from Posey party switch ceremony. Here are a number of pictures from the Lynn Posey party switch announcement at the GOP headquarters last week.

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