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Presenting The ‘Tool-Kit To The 2011 Mississippi Legislative Elections’

December 13, 2010

The Majority In Mississippi team has developed what we believe is a very cool, and informative offering for any Mississippi political junkie. We are calling it the 2011 legislative election tool-kit, and comes in three main parts that will cover every legislative race with every candidate in the state. The first part debuts in January!

Part One is an Excel spreadsheet with detailed information on every House and Senate district; along with the current incumbent. The spreadsheet includes sortable information on the legislator including their district number, their party, their 2007 election vote percentage, their first year in the legislature, the minority percentage of their district, along with additional notes (such as if that candidate has already declared they are not running for re-election, if they recently switched parties, etc.). On the House side, we have two other important categories included as well: the percentage of the vote that Haley Barbour won in that district in 2007 and whether or not they voted for Billy McCoy as Speaker of the House.

This will be updated and sent out the first of each month (with the first version sent out right after the New Year). At that time we will include any new information such as if the incumbent is retiring, running for a different office, etc. Note: Right now we are using the 2000 numbers for data related to minority percentage, district number, etc. When the legislature wraps up reapportionment, we will send out the new information- and any changes- within one week.

Part 1A is an Excel spreadsheet of the districts with qualifiers as they come in. This will be sent out monthly as we begin to receive the updated lists from the parties, and this will replace the original spreadsheet with the details district information.

Part Two serves as the pre-primary guidebook. We will have a listing of every candidate who has qualified to run in every legislative district in the state.

With each district, in addition to the qualifiers, we will have information including: counties that are covered, 2007 vote in the district, minority percentage of the district; House members will also have information on if they supported Billy McCoy in 2007 and the percentage of the vote won by Haley Barbour in that district. Incumbents will also have information including length of service and committee assignments. Additional information such as if that legislator defeated an incumbent will also be included.

Part Three is a post-primary follow up to part two. Once the primaries are over, we will narrow the list down to include just the Democratic, Republican, and third-party/ independent candidates in each district. The additional information that was in the pre-primary book will also be included.

The two candidate guidebooks (parts two and three) will be sent out within two weeks following the qualifying deadline and the primary, respectively.

This kit can be purchased for electronic delivery (Excel for part one, PDF for parts two and three) or home delivery. If you purchase home delivery we will also include electronic format. The price of the kit is $99 for electronic delivery and $114 for home delivery. These prices are for individual users. If you are with an organization and need quantities of three or more, please contact me about highly discounted offerings.

There are two options for payment. We accept all credit/ debit cards for easy online purchase via PayPal. And to make it easier, you do not need a PayPal account to purchase. We also accept checks or money orders through the mail.

Here is a direct link for purchase of the electronic version.

Here is a direct link for purchase of the home-delivery version.

If you have any questions or are interested in ordering, please email me at .

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  1. Karen permalink
    July 7, 2011 12:59 am

    I’m thinking this info. should be free.

  2. July 7, 2011 8:36 am

    Well anyone is certainly FREE to do all the research themselves.

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