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The Pre-Campaign Websites

December 15, 2010
tags: Delbert Hosemann, Phil Bryant, Tate Reeves
by Brett

Sam Hall recently got a shot of what looks like it will eventually be the Phil Bryant for Governor website. The address- now directs back to the home page of his current public site, which as you can see makes no mention of his plans to run for governor just yet.

The same is true for Tate Reeves. The current state treasurer and likely candidate for lieutenant governor has an even simpler website where you can either join his campaign’s mailing list of learn more about Reeves. And the headline logo simply says Tate 2011.

Delbert Hosemann also has a campaign site that is short on 2011 details. Hosemann, the Secretary of State, has long been considered a wild card if he enters what is now considered a two-man governor’s race between Bryant and Dave Dennis for the GOP nomination. And while we basically know the plans of Bryant and Reeves (even if they won’t say right now), we know a lot less about what Hosemann wants to do.

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