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Palazzo Lands Spot On Armed Services

December 16, 2010
tags: Gene Taylor, HD116, special election, Steven Palazzo
by Brett

Both before and after the November elections, Rep.-elect Steven Palazzo made his intentions clear that he wanted a seat on the House Armed Services Committee. Today, it was confirmed that Palazzo has indeed been given a spot on that committee which funds and overseas the Department of Defense and the armed forces. Palazzo will also serve on the Science and Technology Committee, which has jurisdiction over NASA, marine research and science education.

Here is a statement from Palazzo: “I am honored my colleagues selected me to serve on these vital committees. The responsibilities under the Armed Services and Science and Technology are critical to South Mississippi and our regional economy.”

** Dana Milbank, a liberal columnist with the Washington Post, took issue with Palazzo for holding a recent fundraiser in Washington. If Seinfeld could become a hit as the show about nothing, Milbank is testing the waters on writing a column about nothing. Or maybe he is just trying to get back in Keith Olbermann’s good graces.

Taylor wants a presidential appointment. Y’all Politics linked to a very interesting interview with outgoing Rep. Gene Taylor, the man Palazzo defeated. In the interview, Taylor said he was hoping for a presidential appointment to run the “long-term recovery from the oil spill.” Taylor called himself “the most qualified person in America” to do the job. Interestingly, that appointment would come from Barack Obama, a man Taylor acknowledged he did not vote for weeks before the November election.

Other job possibilities include one in the shipbuilding industry, while he may entertain another run for Congress.

The race for Palazzo’s old seat. There was a candidate forum in D’Iberville yesterday featuring seven of the eight candidates running for the House District 116 seat vacated by Palazzo. The Sun Herald has a write-up on the debate, with the main focus being the insurance costs on the Coast.

** In a column today, Brian Perry talked about the three upcoming special elections and the candidates. Regarding the HD116 race, he identified Travis Burke as an independent. We have made the update to our list of special election candidates.

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