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Official Census Numbers Out Today

December 21, 2010

Today, the Census is set to release official numbers based on who is losing and who is gaining seats in the 435 member House of Representatives. Mississippi, who lost a seat ten years ago, is predicted to stay at four seats without a change in either direction. Not much of a surprise there.

We will not learn of specific growth or losses among cities and counties in today’s report. Two days ago, AP analysis of the projected changes showed continuing growth in the Republican Sun Belt states at the expense of the Democratic Rust Belt. Here is more in-depth analysis on the issue from The Weekly Standard.

** As for Mississippi, an analysis predicted a partisan fight with the new numbers when it comes to legislative reapportionment. Hard to argue with that, and worth pointing out this will be the first time the state has seen true partisan bickering rather than strictly racial or regional.

Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant, who presides over the Senate, has already got Speaker Billy McCoy worked up with his insistence that the Senate will review the House plan rather than blindly OK it as it has in the past. “I haven’t been in the Legislature that long, and maybe I don’t understand historical traditions. To me, it’s clear we have a responsibility to review each other’s plans … so there wouldn’t be this opportunity for one chamber to gerrymander precincts,” Bryant said.

Here is what McCoy said: “We have to have a joint plan, but the Senate will have nothing to say about our plan, and we’ll have nothing to say about theirs. There are people who want to mix that up, but it ain’t going to happen. If they were to sit down, and say for some reason politics got into it so bad they wouldn’t accept our plan, then we’re headed to court.”

*** Also regarding partisanship, the article states that “both chambers’ redistricting committees include Republicans and Democrats.” Technically, yes, but lets look at this as we have in the past.

In the Senate, there are five Republicans and five Democrats on the committee tasked with reapportionment. The chair is a Republican, the vice-chair is a Democrat. In the House, McCoy put eight Democrats and one Republican on the committee. The chair and vice-chair are both Democrats. You do the math.

Reception for Nunnelee and Palazzo. Congressmen-Elect Steven Palazzo and Alan Nunnelee will have a welcome reception in Washington on January 5 beginning at 10 a.m. at the office of Entergy. Mississippi’s three Republicans currently in the delegation- Senators Roger Wicker and Thad Cochran and Rep. Gregg Harper- will also be there.

Here is a link to the invitation.

Mississippi Patriots/ Sen. Fillingane team up for Border Fence legislation. Sen. Joey Fillingane (R-Hattiesburg) will introduce legislation during the next legislative session to help fund the border fence in the Southwest, starting with Arizona, using remittance fees.

According to the press release, similar legislation is being introduced elsewhere and if half the states participate they could raise $1.2 billion annually with an average remittance fee of five percent.

Here is the entire press release from the group.

Barbour supporting ‘Anyone But Steele’ in RNC chair race. Haley Barbour’s endorsement would carry as much weight as any in the RNC race, but the former RNC chairman has said he is not supporting any candidate in the upcoming race to be RNC chairman, but he did say “we do need to have a change.” Barbour has criticized Michael Steele, who is running for re-election, on a number of occasions in the past and his opposition isn’t that surprising.

When Barbour’s nephew and RNC member, Henry, publicly threw his support behind Wisconsin Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus many presumed his uncle was on board as well.

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