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Lott Balked At Finding GOP Opponent For Taylor In ’06

December 27, 2010
tags: Mississippi Democrats, Bennie Thompson, Gene Taylor, Mississippi Tea Party, Trent Lott, car tag
by Brett

In a profile piece on Gene Taylor and his 21 years in office as he prepares to pack things up, the Sun Herald talks about the unlikely relationship that Taylor built with former Sen. Trent Lott after Hurricane Katrina.

In fact, Taylor recalled a time before the 2006 midterms where former President Bush was hoping that Lott could find someone to run against the Congressman. According to the story, Lott told the president “in strong language…that he had to get over it.”

In 2006, Taylor was likely at the height of his popularity racking up 80 percent of the vote in a year in which Democrats claimed the majority in the House.

Thompson preparing for life as ranking member. As a result of the Democrats losing the majority in the House, Rep. Bennie Thompson will soon be leaving his post as Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee for the much less glamorous ranking member position. This means the Congressman will have more time on his hands. Here is what Thompson told The Hill about his shifting duties:

“Physically I’ll be more present in my district rather than looking at issues along the border and all over the country. I’ll have more time to deal with constituent work.”

Thompson said he plans to “spend more time in his district and with his personal-office staff next year.”

Coming to Mississippi?

Tea Party groups in Virginia, lead by 912 Richmond, are believed to be the first in the nation to propose specialty Tea Party “Don’t Tread On Me” car tags (as shown to the right).

According to an Elizabeth Crisp piece in the Clarion-Ledger, some Mississippi Tea Party groups are pushing for a similar tag with the same motto. Legislation is being drafted and 300 pre-orders are needed before production can begin. The legislature must also OK the design.

Among tags with political bend, Choose Life are the only ones on the road. While they were controversial- and even blocked- in other liberal states, they have raise few eyebrows in Mississippi, and I believe Florida is the only state to sell more Choose Life tags.

Several years ago, the legislature approved Mississippi Democratic Party car tags, but from what I can tell they must have never received the necessary signatures for production.

Here is a link to the archived newsletter and a screen shot of the direct article.

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  1. Grizz permalink
    December 27, 2010 8:08 am

    Thank Goodness fat old Bennie is off Homeland Security Committee.I Wouldn’t trust him with even a Potato Gun.The only issues he has looked at on the Border is to see if theres enough Taco Bells out in the Desert to feed the Tresspassers flooding into the US.He should retire.Mississippi and the USA cannot afford his ilk anymore.

  2. Travis permalink
    December 29, 2010 9:01 am

    Ya know I thought it strange that Lott, Cochran, and others didn’t endorse in the 4th.

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