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Governor’s Race Fundraising Numbers

January 31, 2011

A couple candidates in the race for governor have sent out press releases this afternoon regarding 2010 campaign finance numbers:

** Republican Dave Dennis raised more than $430,000 in 2010; while posting nearly $800,000 in a fifteen-month period dating back to October 2009. After spending $225,000 in 2010, Dennis now shows more than $525,000 cash on hand. You can view the report here.

Dennis issued this statement: “Hundreds of Mississippians have joined our team and believe Mississippi’s next CEO should have private sector leadership and job creation experience. We’ve raised the money necessary to kick-off this campaign in earnest, and everywhere we go we’re seeing more traction and more appetite for our message of job creation, better schools and government reform.”

His campaign manager, Brian Perry, spoke on a number of other key internal points. He said the campaign infrastructure in mostly paid for, there are additional fundraisers in the works, and he is just now beginning to raise money from outside the Coast.

** Democrat Bill Luckett’s 2010 report- which can be viewed here– shows that the Clarksdale businessman raised a little more than $485,000 last year and currently sits on $350,000 cash.

Luckett issued this statement: “Over the past year, I’ve traveled across our great state meeting with fellow citizens who have shared their hopes and dreams for the future. We all want the same things- good paying jobs, great schools, and an honest and hardworking state government focused on creating an atmosphere that allows our families to be strong and solid. Our campaign for governor is ready to deliver a hard working state government, great schools and good, high paying jobs. Professional politicians won’t get us there. I will.”

** Phil Bryant has released his numbers and he will show a little more than $2 million cash on hand. In 2010, he raised slightly more than $1.7 million. You can view the report here.

Here is a statement from Bryant’s spokesman: “This fundraising report shows the strong support that Phil Bryant’s campaign has from all across the state. With donations from nearly 1,500 people from 68 counties across Mississippi, we are pleased and grateful that so many Mississippians have shown their willingness to contribute and support Phil Bryant because he has the right experience and proven ability to lead as our next Governor.”

** Johnny DuPree has raised more than $115,000 and currently has around $65,000 cash on hand, according to campaign manager Sam Hall.

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  1. Charlie Stogner permalink
    February 1, 2011 4:04 pm

    AP omitted mention of GOP candidate Hudson Holliday entirely and other newspaper reports and other media seem to think his $100,000 vs Dennis’ $500,000 vs Bryant’s $2 million counts Holliday out already. I’m guessing Bryant will get about 40% of the votes in the GOP primary and then less than the necessary 50% in the runoff.

    This means it’s really Dennis vs Holliday at this point. Don’t be surprised if Holliday is able win with far less funds. He’s running a very unconventional yet well planned campaign.

    Remember David was armed with a smooth rock and a slingshot while Goliath, the giant, was heavily armored.

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