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2010 Fundraising Roundup

February 1, 2011

A couple thoughts on the 2010 fundraising numbers that were released throughout the day yesterday:

** In my opinion, Phil Bryant simply confirmed his frontrunner status with his report showing more than $2 million cash on hand as we enter 2011. Dave Dennis has a very respectable $525,000 in the bank but still well off the pace set by Bryant. Bryant already enjoys high name recognition as well as earned media for his day job; Dennis is going to need some way to counter this.

Regarding Bryant, some of his numbers are hard to reconcile though: He finished 2009 with $619,092 cash on hand and raised $1,770,557 in 2010 which totals $2,389,649. He spent $569,111 last year which gives us a cash on hand total of $1,820,538. That is about $200,000 less than the reported $2,023,993.

** Billy Hewes basically went toe-for-toe with Tate Reeves last year as the two Republicans get ready for the lieutenant governor primary. Reeves still has the edge- about $1.6 million to $1 million- in terms of cash on hand, but I believe Hewes surprised a few people with his ability to fundraise- and not just on the Coast.

** Give Jim Hood credit. While most Democrats have trouble raising money, he once again had a nice haul and will certainly be ready to rumble this year with more than $400,000 at this time. Republican Steve Simpson isn’t formally a candidate yet, and has yet to file any reports.

** Republican incumbents running for re-election (Mike Chaney, Stacey Pickering and Delbert Hosemann) look good financially. Especially Hosemann who has more than $500,000 in the bank. Of course, it also helps when you don’t have a general election opponent.

** My surprises for the down ballot open races were Max Phillips (running for commissioner of agriculture and commerce) and Lucien Smith (running for state treasurer). Phillips blew his two primary opponents out of the water, and these are two strong opponents at that (a sitting state Senator and Representative). Smith raised more than $250,000 and his bank is double his nearest competitor.

** Jere Nash has a rundown of legislative officials who have the most money in the bank.

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