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Special Election Runoff Results

February 1, 2011

Just a few updates throughout the evening:

9:10: Tagert will likely hold on. We’re at 99% in- just five boxes outstanding- and he has maintained a six point/ 2,000 vote lead. Unless something very drastic happens, Mike Tagert will be the next Transportation Commissioner from the Northern District.

8:50: We now have 94% in and Tagert still leads but now 53-47. Still not sure if there is enough time for Caldwell to close even with the late run. Interesting ending though.

8:35: We’re now at 75% in, and Tagert once again has a strong lead: 57-43.

8:25: It looks like a good chunk of Desoto has come in and Caldwell has taken a 51-49 lead. 45% of precincts are in.

8:15: Now up to 27% in and Tagert still has a commanding lead: 63-37. He was up around 69% earlier though. Also, in HD116, Casey Eure has defeated Jim Atchison.

7:45: We have about 10% of the precincts in. Mike Tagert has a strong 64-36 lead over John Caldwell. Unfortunately, we aren’t getting county results so can’t tell where the boxes are coming from.

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