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The Coast And Redistricting

February 4, 2011
tags: redistricting
by Brett

After 2009 Census estimates were released and the legislature began releasing maps showing estimations of population growth or loss by districts and counties the two main targets for seat loses were the Delta and the Coast. The Delta continues to shed population with few jobs available and high rates of poverty. The Coast, of course, was expecting major population loses following Hurricane Katrina.

It turns out the numbers weren’t as bad as some expected, and feared. Talk is now that the three Coast counties may be spared their legislative seats once believed to be on the way out. Harrison county had a net loss of 1.3 percent, but that was off the 2009 estimate of 4.4 percent. Hancock county was expected to lose 5.5 percent of the population, but actually gained 2.2 percent. And Jackson county grew by 6 percent.

Just a little wrinkle to the preconceived notion that the Coast was going to get hit hard following the Census and redistricting.

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