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Presley’s Campaign Funds Could Be Trouble

February 8, 2011
tags: 2011 Public Service Commissioner, Brandon Presley
by Brett

Of the fourteen regional and statewide offices (eight statewide office holders plus six transportation commissioners and public service commissioners), there will be a total of two incumbent Democrats in 2011.

One of those men is Attorney General Jim Hood and Northern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley is the other. Presley, a former Nettleton mayor, has been regarded as a ‘rising star’ of sorts within the Democratic Party since winning election in 2007. Whether than it by default or for good reason can be debated, but he was considered a potential statewide candidate on the Democratic side. It looks like he is running for a second term on the PSC instead.

But Presley’s campaign finance numbers indicate that he may be vulnerable this fall. His 2010 report showed a very respectable $39,000 raised but he spent more than $43,000 and is sitting on less than $300 as he gets ready for re-election. Those are dangerously low numbers for any incumbent; although I know of no Republican who has announced their candidacy yet.

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  1. MS GOP permalink
    February 8, 2011 5:06 pm

    This may be an effort worth undertaking for the State Republican party. As soon as NE Miss. starts electing Repubs at the local level, the GOP will control the legislature and therefore the state. If Presley can be beat, the State Dems have little hope for the future.

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