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Tuesday Evening Election Notebook

February 8, 2011
tags: 2011 Lt. Governor, 2011 Public Service Commissioner, 2011 State Senate, 2011 Treasurer, Northern District Transportation Commissioner
by Brett

A couple notes on the 2011 elections…

- While Morgan Shands is serving as campaign manager of the Billy Hewes campaign, Sherri Bevis will serve as deputy campaign manager.

- Tate Reeves is on the second day of his three-day tour as he formally kicks off his lieutenant governor campaign. Here is a Clarion-Ledger article detailing the launch.

- One interesting point of the Trent Lott endorsement for Hewes is that Lott, a Pascagoula native, did it on a day when Reeves was in Pascagoula. Coincidence?

Besides this, the overall timing- as Reeves was doing his campaign kickoff- was likely meant to steal headlines from Hewes’ Republican opponent. Not a bad campaign strategy.

- State Sen. Lee Yancey has launched a new campaign website as he runs for state treasurer.

- Here is a color-coded county map of last Tuesday’s special election between Mike Tagert and John Caldwell. As you can see Caldwell slightly expanded on his Desoto base with several other northwestern counties (plus Alcorn), but that didn’t match what Tagert was able to accomplish. The new transportation commissioner was able to put a U- from the northeastern part of the state all the way to the Mississippi River- around Tagert’s strength.

Since both were Republicans, I used red for Tagert and blue for Caldwell.

- A rumor floating around is that Pelahatchie Mayor Knox Ross is gearing up for a Senate District 20 run. This is the seat being vacated by state Sen. Lee Yancey. Last year, Ross was looking at a run for auditor, but opted against it when Stacey Pickering announced he would run for re-election.

- On Brandon Presley’s funds, one other point to remember is that he received nearly $40,000 from Steve Patterson, Dickie Scruggs, and Timothy Balducci in 2007. Those three men were convicted in the Dickie Scruggs judicial corruption scandal.

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  1. Republican Dawg permalink
    February 9, 2011 1:57 pm

    And Presley hasn’t donated any of those funds to charity or given it back as most do when it turns they are receiving money from felons.

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