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The Seriousness Of The Barbour Campaign

February 10, 2011

If you need anymore indication on how serious of 2012 candidate Haley Barbour is you need to look at the destination of his latest trip: Israel.

Outside of Iowa, South Carolina or New Hampshire few places are seen as important for a Republican as a trip to the Jewish state to visit one of America’s strongest allies. The trip serves a couple purposes: One, Barbour is able to brush up on foreign policy experience- something a governor generally doesn’t have. You may remember in 2008 then candidate Barack Obama made a pretty extravagant oversees trip in the middle of his campaign. Second, it serves as an appeal to evangelical voters who are obviously key in the Republican primaries.

While on his trip, Barbour made the necessary statements: He said that Israel shouldn’t have to make concessions while referring to Iran as the biggest threat to global security.

** We’ll continue to analyze Barbour’s travels and campaign, but to follow up with his day-to-day activities, check out the Haley Watch section at Y’all Politics.

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