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Republicans Get Candidate In HD111

February 11, 2011
tags: 2011 State House, Brandon Jones, Charles Busby, HD111
by Brett

Republican businessman Charles Busby recently announced his candidacy for House District 111. This is the South Mississippi seat currently held by Democratic Rep. Brandon Jones, who won his first term in 2007.

Considering the conservative leanings of the district and the narrow win for Jones four years ago, this will likely be one of the most competitive races this fall. In fact, Jones won by just 11 votes in what was the closest race of the year. He did this while Haley Barbour was winning 76 percent of the vote in the district at the same time. While those types of numbers make this a prime pickup opportunity for Republicans, it also says something about Jones that he was able to win despite that handicap for any Democrat. Has four years in the legislature changed voters minds?

As for Busby, he looks like he will play up his Republican credentials and run against Billy McCoy (ala Steven Palazzo running against Nancy Pelosi). Here is part of Busby’s announcement: “There are 122 members of the House of Representatives. Fifty-three of those seats belong to Republicans. If we can win nine more, Republicans will control the house for the first time in history and it is very likely that Republicans will retain control of the Senate and governor.”

In fact, Speaker Bill McCoy and Pelosi’s name are mentioned in Busby’s statement with no mention of Jones.

Read the entire statement here.

** Pascagoula councilman Frank Corder, also a Republican, who had looked into a run announced earlier this week that he will not be a candidate.

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  1. rubradog permalink
    February 10, 2011 10:21 pm

    Good for him. Brandon Jones has been clearly annointed by Billy McCoy as a rising star in the House Democrat ranks. He has been given quite a few major bills to handle to burnish his record. He has also been able to fool a good number of otherwise rational people on the Coast into thinking he is a moderate/conservative. This will not be easy for Mr. Busby. Busby’s approach of McCoy = Pelosi stands as good a shot as any other right now, primarily because it is true. Turn out just a few Democrats from the House and it will happen, bye bye Billy.

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