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Key Points From Barbour’s CPAC Speech

February 12, 2011
tags: CPAC, Haley Barbour
by Brett

Earlier today Haley Barbour spoke at CPAC, the largest annual gathering of conservative activists whose speaking lineup includes a who’s who of Republican leaders. As for Barbour’s speech, it gave us 30-minute edition of what a Barbour presidential campaign will likely be based on. If you haven’t watched the speech yet, check out this link to view it.

Here are several key points from Barbour’s speech:

1) Barbour has long talked about energy policy criticizing the Obama administration and supporting more exploration in the United States, positioning himself as an expert on the subject. He spoke at length about energy this morning, and I imagine it will be a key part of his domestic agenda.

2) Referencing his tenure as governor, Barbour talked about eliminating the state deficit without raising taxes and implementing reforms to lower the Medicaid rolls and the error rate. Expect to hear more on those issues if Barbour runs.

3) Barbour showed no interest in joining the so-called truce on social issues proposed by some Republicans. The point Barbour made was that he has- and can- handle both fiscal and social issues at the same time. Barbour spoke on pro-life reforms from his time as governor.

4) Barbour talked about passing legislation with a Democratic controlled legislature in Jackson. He didn’t speak about the Democratic majority by accident. Presidential hopefuls like to be seen as bi-partisan and this gives Barbour a good opening.

5) Barbour, who is the definition of an insider, made many appeals to the Tea Party and it’s importance while ridiculing those who downplayed the movements significance.

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