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Early Senate Qualifying Notes

February 15, 2011
tags: 2011 State Senate
by Brett

A couple early stories on the Senate side as we begin to see qualifiers from both parties:

** A couple big names on the Republican side who have not qualified including Chris McDaniel and Merle Flowers. These men have been considered statewide candidates for some time, although that time doesn’t appear to be now. But, the fact that they haven’t actually qualified is interesting. No other candidates have qualified in their districts either.

** I do not see a Republican who has a Democratic challenge yet. Tommy Moffatt looks to face a GOP primary challenge however from Brice Wiggins.

** Republicans have qualified in the following districts currently held by Democrats: 4 (Eric Powell), 7 (Hob Bryan), 29 (David Blount), 43 (Tommy Dickerson) and 46 (David Baria). Of those, Bryan and Dickerson have yet to qualify for re-election.

** Gwen McClure has qualified as a Democratic candidate in District 12. This is the open seat which will have a special election in March to win the remainder of the term.

** In addition to Knox Ross, Josh Harkins and Steve Gaines have also qualified for the District 20 seat made open by Lee Yancey’s decision to seek a different office.

** Other open seats include those held by Cindy Hyde-Smith, Tom King and Billy Hewes. So far, one Republican has qualified to run in each of those.

** Democrats who have yet to qualify: Nickey Browning, Hob Bryan, Willie Simmons, Haskins Montgomery, Tommy Dickerson and Ezell Lee.

** Republicans who have yet to qualify (in addition to McDaniel and Flowers): Nolan Mettetal and Eugene Clark.

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