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Tuesday Evening Election Notebook

February 15, 2011
tags: 2011 Governor, 2011 Lt. Governor, 2011 State House
by Brett

A couple notes on the 2011 elections…

** Former Sen. Trent Lott has again endorsed in the Republican primary, backing Phil Bryant in his gubernatorial campaign against Dave Dennis. Lott made the announcement in Jackson today and noted that he has recently held a fundraiser for Bryant.

Lott has previously endorsed Billy Hewes over Tate Reeves in the lieutenant governor primary.

** Dave Dennis continued his statewide kickoff tour today, and it’s worth pointing out that at three stops today (Jackson, Yazoo City and Greenwood) Dennis was introduced by Jeppie Barbour. And this Thursday, Dennis has a fundraiser scheduled in Meridian. You can view the flyer here.

Dennis also released his full campaign website, and you can view it here.

** Polling data from the Billy Hewes campaign has been posted in a separate post here.

** Regarding Rep. Frank Hamilton, after I noted this morning that he has not qualified (making him the only House Republican who has yet to announce 2011 plans), I basically got some clarification from one of his colleagues in the House that he has not made any official plans as of this time.

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  1. Mark permalink
    February 16, 2011 10:19 am

    well isn’t that nice, a career politician endorsing a career politician. Is anyone surprised? Of course Lott is doing fundraising for PB. He knows that without substance and real business leadership experience, Bryant is going to have to buy this primary and then the general election. Mississippians better remember the leadership we have had in the past from governors with successful business and community leadership experience such as Barbour and Fordice vs that of lawyers and career politicians. Let me leave you with these few names as reminders of the past one-term flops: Allain, Musgrove, Mabus, Finch…Dave Dennis it our only hope.

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