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Taking A Look At SD 47

February 17, 2011

The decision by Sen. Ezell Lee to change parties brings another significant issue into the discussion: the shape of his district. Drawn to be friendly to a Democrat (about 42 percent of the district is black), the snaky district goes west and north into Pearl River, covers parts of Harrison and Stone before heading east and south into Jackson county. At times, it looks as wide as a four-lane highway.

Before Lee’s decision to change parties, there was talk that his district may see some major changes. That is part of the reason Lee said he was thinking of retiring. In it’s current form, it could be difficult for Republicans to hang on to. They will likely try to make this a little friendlier to shore up Lee, and considering the current shape of the district I believe most people would see this as a necessary move.

For Democrats, they have three months to find a challenger. So far, no one else on either side has qualified.

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  1. catty permalink
    February 17, 2011 2:28 pm

    Yes folks, that blue blob runs from here to there and over there too…and people in Jackson County are fortunate insomuch as our other senators from districts 51 and 52 let those folks who just happen, by the stroke of a crazed district outline to not be in their disticts , well they consider them as their own constitutuents. It is stupid, confusing and a disgrace the way Ezell has to campaign also…I am not sure even he ever knew the exact district lines. Please to the gods of district drawing, get this thing straight this time and let the whole district be in Pearl River & Stone counties instead of meandering all through Harrison and into Jackson counties.

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