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Friday Ramblings with Robert

February 18, 2011

The Toll of Unions

Unionized workers in Wisconsin are mad as hell that the state government wants them to kick in a little more towards their retirement and health insurance and free the state from the bullying of labor unions.  These protesters are getting a lot of play on the national news, but something that seems to go unnoticed is that the people of Wisconsin handed control of the state government over to Republicans who campaigned to do just this sort of thing in November.  Are these not the same groups who were all about CHANGE in 2008?  Well apparently things have changed in Wisconsin and their new leaders have decided not to allow government unions to destroy their state.  Unions for years have taken their tolls on businesses and states and never want to take any responsibility for it.  Take the case of the Olin Corporation who has decided to relocate 1,000 jobs to Oxford, MS after the union that represented their current workers at their plant in Illinois refused to come to terms with the company and thus put 1,000 of their workers in the unemployment line.  Unions will destroy anything in their path if they are allowed to do so, look at the Big 3 automakers in this country, unless they are stopped and made irrelevant.  Luckily, for us we do not reside in a union friendly state and at times benefit greatly because of this, Nissan and Toyota plants, and hopefully we will continue that way.

Will It Live or Die?

The House Agricultural Committee gets another chance to let an animal cruelty bill proceed along toward a floor vote and hopefully they will not kill it like they have in the past.  The bill basically sets out to protect household cats and dogs and to provide stronger punishments to those who torture or kill the pets.  The same committee has killed similar efforts in the past, but the momentum behind this bill is pretty strong and hopefully they will let the bill move a bit closer to law.  I think many mistakenly see this as an attack on the agricultural lifestyle, that is so prevalent throughout the state, when they hear animal cruelty bill, but it is important to realize that this bill only seeks to strengthen the laws to punish those who harm or kill domesticated pets like cats and dogs.

Mum’s The Word

Haley Barbour chose not to denounce the efforts of the Sons of Confederate Veterans to create a license plate to honor Nathan Bedford Forrest.   Naturally, the sensitive types see this as Barbour having a race issue.  Haley Barbour is no dummy and is well-known for his tactical political moves.  It is a strong suit for him and I believe he actually did the right thing from a political standpoint.  He chose to let the legislative process take its course in this situation and no one should fault him for that.  Sure the plate is unpopular, but who is Haley Barbour to say what is right or wrong in the legislative process to get a license plate approved.  Haley Barbour rightly put this on the legislature because they will have to be the ones that decide the fate of this plate and I think Barbour is fairly confident that it will not pass and therefore sees no need to step foot into this matter.

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  1. February 18, 2011 4:27 pm

    “Who is Haley Barbour to say what is right or wrong in the legislative process?”

    Seriously? You are right that mum is probably the correct political position for Haley, but it’s not because his role is to be some dainty thing waiting for the Legislature to act. I think you’ll agree that hasn’t exactly been his approach over the years.

    If Haley had denounced this, he would have had to comment every time some racial thing occurred, major or minor, real or perceived. It would have been taking him off his message constantly in the primaries.

  2. RandomThoughts permalink
    February 18, 2011 4:49 pm

    Everyone always blames unions for Detroit automakers problems and that’s crap. The truth is beginning in the 1990s aside from trucks and SUVs the Japanese automakers made better quality and better looking cars. During the SUV craze Ford and GM made out like bandits, but they neglected their other product lines. Then when gas prices began to creep up their cars were not competitive with their Japanese counterparts. Ford and GM put all their eggs in the truck/SUV market and when that market had a hiccup it paid severely.

    Unions are not what “detroyed” the Big 3 automakers, rather, lack of innovation, complacency, inferior products, and inattention to their consumers is what hurt the Big 3. But hey we are in a red state so its easy to blame blue collar evil union workers. So its the guy on the assembly lines fault Chrysler went bankrupt.

  3. Todd permalink
    February 22, 2011 10:59 pm

    Somebody might want to tell Robert that the tag in question is not currently being considered by the legislature. The NBF tag design is on the Sons of the Confederacy’s wishlist for 2014.

  4. Charles permalink
    February 25, 2011 1:20 pm

    Haley Barbour would have been dogged by the race issue even if he did not have a long, long history of racially insensitive remarks, and veiled appeals to, not just conservative, but racist elements in the state and nation, simply because he is from Mississippi, and the racial history that Mississippi carries. Nothing wrong with appealing to conservative political philosophies, but there is something wrong with using racial code words and symbols, to appeal to racist elements. Its wrong whether done by black, whites, Democrat, Republicans, liberals or conservatives.

    I don’t know who, if any, black political advisors Haley has, but he certainly need some who can help him with his “racial sensitivity issue” not because he stand any real chance of getting black votes, but if he is going to be able to appeal to politically conservative voters in other regions of the country, who are turned off by his continuing racial political gaffes, he has to stop it now.

    Personally, I don’t believe Haley Barbour to be a racist, just like many southern white folks his age, when it comes to race, he sees things from a different perspective than blacks and many whits from other parts of the country. Haley get you some black folks, if you can find them, who will you the truth and not what you want to hear.

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