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Jones County DA To Change Parties

February 23, 2011
tags: Mississippi GOP, party switch, Tony Buckley
by Brett

This afternoon, Jones County District Attorney Tony Buckley will announce that he is switching to the Republican Party. I’ve been told there will be a press conference at 3 p.m. at the GOP headquarters. Buckley will be the first Republican D.A. from Jones county in modern history, perhaps ever.

His name has been added to our running list of party-switchers.

And speaking of party-switchers, the AP did a write-up yesterday of Sen. Ezell Lee’s switch. The switch we told you about five days earlier.

Update: Here is a comment from Buckley as reported by WDAM Wednesday evening: “I think there will always be some upset by this decision, as there are some that will be encouraged by it. I still believe in Jones County the people vote for the candidate based on the quality of the work they have done and I think as district attorney one thing we give confidence that we can handle the big cases.”

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