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Friday Evening Election Notebook

February 25, 2011
tags: 2011 Public Service Commissioner, 2011 State House, 2011 Treasurer, party switch
by Brett

A couple notes on the 2011 elections…

** We’ve added another former Democrat to our list of party-switchers. Lincoln County Chancery Clerk Tillmon Bishop announced last week that he would qualify for re-election as a Republican after previously serving as a Democrat.

** It looks like the Democrats have two candidates for Public Service Commissioner in the Southern District lined up: James Buckhaults and Mike Collier. Both men ran in 2007 also.

** Jackson Jambalaya has a copy of a Lee Yancey fundraiser invite for an event that was help in Jackson on Tuesday. You can check out a copy of it here.

** One of Yancey’s opponent’s, Lucien Smith, has launched his campaign site and you can check it out here.

** We had previously mentioned that the Democrats had a candidate lined up for the House District 4 seat being left vacant by Rep. Greg Ward; Steven Fisher has qualified as a Democrat for this open seat.

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