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Friday Ramblings with Robert

February 25, 2011
tags: 2011 Elections, Barack Obama, death panels, Mississippi Democrats, socialized medicine
by Robert

No Contest

Did someone forget to remind the state Democratic Party that there are statewide elections this year?  Democrats are putting up little resistance in terms of statewide offices that are up for grabs in the November general election.  They have the reliable captain in Jim Hood running for re-election but the rest of the ticket looks bare with 2 men running for Governor and Joel Gill running for Agricultural Commissioner.  Time is running out as the qualifying deadline is just days away and if this holds we are looking at a very boring general election in November as the races will apparently be decided in the Republican primaries in August. I would say it was fair to assume Republicans would once again do well in statewide races no matter the Democratic opponent, but I surely expected the Democrats to at least put some candidates up to challenge and not to concede all these offices.

Not Buying It

No way are you going to convince me that almost half of this state approves of the job Barack Obama is doing.  I realize that he got 43% of the vote in 2008, but I find it hard to believe there are another 4% in this state that have changed their mind when you consider how much has changed since then.  The true measure of his job approval will come in November 2012, but for now the only thing we have to look at are polls and I find Gallup’s numbers to be a bit off.  I suppose it is possible depending on who answers their surveys and who they target to answer them, but consider me extremely skeptical that a man who has governed about as far left as possible has grown more popular over the last 2 years in one of the most conservative states in the country.

Death Panels

Remember all that talk about death panels when Obamacare was pushed through Congress?  Well here is what one looks like in neighboring Canada.

Canadian health care allocation officials already ruled that Joseph had to be taken off life support and allowed to die in the hospital.

How do you think it feels to have a panel of strangers decide when to pull the plug on your young child?  Medically the child will not recover, but taking the decision of when to let the child pass away out of the hands of his parents seems morally wrong.  Every person grieves differently so  why should the parents be punished for wanting to have a just little more time to let go.  Taking a family member off of life support should be a family decision. If the government is allowed to meddle in your personal medical affairs then this is what it would look like as the decision is no longer for you to decide, but rather a group of strangers who will make that decision for you.

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  1. Grizz permalink
    February 25, 2011 11:53 am

    Seems the Candaian version of obamacare death panels are in full operating mode. Wake up America,or it will be AmeriKa. Jeb Bush in Fl.fought tooth & nail in the OPOSITE direction for LIFE for Terry Shiavo.Thats the Difference between American Patriots,and commie liberal NWO tards.
    Let this try and happen in America,and I suggest that if they try it on the wrong Patriot family there might be a shootout at a hospitol.We are fed up with zero’s antics.

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