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2011 Statewide Candidate List

March 2, 2011

Below are a list of candidates who qualified for the eight statewide offices, plus regional offices. Updated: Primary winners in bold.


Lieutenant Governor Phil Bryant (R)
James Broadwater (R)
Dave Dennis (R)
Hudson Holliday (R)
Ron Williams (R)

Johnny DuPree (D)
William Compton (D)
Bill Luckett (D)
Guy Shaw (D)

William Oatis (I)

Shawn O’Hara (Ref)

Lieutenant Governor

Treasurer Tate Reeves (R)
State Sen. Billy Hewes (R)

Tracella Lou O’Hara Hill (Ref)

Attorney General

Steve Simpson (R)

Attorney General Jim Hood (D,i)

Secretary of State

Sec. of State Delbert Hosemann (R,i)
Ricky Dombrowski (R)

John Pannell (Ref)


Auditor Stacey Pickering (R,i)

Ashley Norwood (Ref)


Lynn Fitch (R)
Lucien Smith (R)
State Sen. Lee Yancey (R)

Connie Moran (D)
Shawn O’Hara (D)

Shawn O’Hara (Ref)

Insurance Commissioner

Commissioner Mike Chaney (R,i)

Louis Fondren (D)

Barbara Dale Washer (Ref)

Agriculture Commissioner

State Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R)
Max Phillips (R)
State Rep. Dannie Reed (R)

Joel Gill (D)

Cathy Toole (Ref)

Public Service Commissioner, Northern District

Boyce Adams (R)
Marvin Cox (R)

Commissioner Brandon Presley (D,i)

Public Service Commissioner, Central District

Commissioner Lynn Posey (R,i)
Charles Barbour (R)

Addie Green (D)
Bruce Burton (D)

Danny Ayers (I)

Public Service Commissioner, Southern District

Commissioner Leonard Bentz (R,i)
Travis Rose (R)

Mike Collier (D)

Thomas Blanton (D)
James M. Buckhaults (D)

Transportation Commissioner, Northern District

Commisioner Mike Tagert (R,i)
John Caldwell (R)

Ray Minor (D)

Transportation Commissioner, Central District

Commissioner Dick Hall (R,i)
Tim Johnson (R)

Marshand Crisler (D)
Dorothy Beneford (D)

Transportation Commissioner, Southern District

State Sen. Tom King (R)
Scottie Cuevas (R)

Larry Albritton (D)

3 Comments leave one →
  1. March 2, 2011 10:02 am

    Just to clear things up, upper case “I” means Independent and lower case “i” means incumbent.

  2. Jimmy PURSER permalink
    July 15, 2011 4:35 pm

    Time for Commissioner Posey to go! He is no help to the people of rural central Mississippi. He won’t even return a phone call concerning broadband internet service for rural Copiah County. Our children need the internet to help with their homework too.

  3. Warren permalink
    October 27, 2011 11:50 am

    Leonard Bentz is a good guy and he’s done a lot for South Mississippi while in office. Anybody who will fine a telemarketer $500,000 is all right with me.

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