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Friday Ramblings with Robert

March 4, 2011
tags: 2011 Elections, foreign oil dependence, gas prices, redistricting, sex education in schools
by Robert

House Democrats Did What They Had To Do

When your back is up against the wall and time is running out you have to pull out whatever is left in the arsenal to try to regain an advantage.  Democrats in this state have steadily watched as their power has eroded in state politics and they had to do whatever they could to hold on to the House, their last bastion of influence in state politics.  They did exactly that with their dumpster fire of a redistricting map that they put out yesterday and plan to approve today.  There is not much that House Republicans can do to stop it from being approved.  It would be easy to concede that this is what happens when you are not in power and to try better next time, but it is hard to do that when map makers eliminate opponents by drawing them out of the district.  That is no accident and shows the desperation that one will take to protect their own interest.  It is human nature and you can not fault the Democrats for doing that as bad as it may look on the surface.

Sex Ed Should Start At Home

The House and Senate in the MS Legislature passed a bill this week that will allow school districts in the state to teach sex education.  It would require districts to choose between and abstinence only or abstinence plus contraceptive curriculum.  This is all well and good that we are trying to curb a major issue in this state in terms of teen pregnancy, but this battle ultimately must be won in the home.  Sure you can teach kids about sex education 1 hour of the day, but what happens the rest of the time when they are exposed to peer pressure and a home environment that may not cultivate the same thinking?  This has to be something that parents or guardians in the home must reinforce to really put a dent in teen pregnancy.  I think it is a great idea to try in that 1 hour to get through to a teen and maybe it can save some from becoming just another statistic, but it is going to take that along with parents in the home to ever significantly decrease teen pregnancy in this state.

How Strong Is The GOP Ticket

I feel like the Republican ticket really matches up well with what the Reform Party has lined up against them in almost all of the statewide races.  As expected Democrats were unable to fill out their ticket and have conceded 3 statewide offices already.  I would say for the most part the Republican lineup looks strong even in races without an incumbent.  The 3 incumbents Hosemann (SoS), Chaney (Insurance) and Pickering (Auditor) all appear to be safe bets for re-election.  The 5 other statewide offices all feature some pretty familiar names on the Republican side including 2 current statewide office holders with ambitions on bigger jobs in Phil Bryant and Tate Reeves.  This should shape up to be another strong year for Republicans to take 7 of 8 statewide offices with the chance to sweep if Steve Simpson can find a way to knock off Jim Hood.  Simpson will have to pound Hood on his refusal to back a lawsuit against Obamacare which has the potential to really hurt Hood with some voters who have been loyal to him in the past.  Overall, this is a strong Republican ticket that should fare well when the dust settles in November.

Can We Get Our Own Oil Now?

The Middle East is a mess right now and even though it is thousands of miles away it is directly impacting every American.  The unrest in that region has caused oil prices to skyrocket lately causing the rise in fuel prices that will affect everything from gasoline to groceries.  If only we could produce our own oil right?  Haley Barbour is exactly right when he says we have a President that favors higher fuel prices.  The oil is there for us to drill and we could ease the burden on all Americans if we actually decided to produce a majority of our own oil that is used in this country.  Oil companies would love to help out if only they were allowed to.  Instead we are stagnated by a President with his thumb up his rear as we continue to remain more and more vulnerable to foreign interest dictating the ups and downs of our economy caused by oil prices.  The simple solution is out there, we just refuse to acknowledge its existence.

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