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House Redistricting Plan Passes

March 4, 2011
tags: redistricting
by Brett

About 18 or so hours after it was posted online, the House- by basically a party line vote- passed the Democrats redistricting plan for their chamber. An expected motion to reconsider means the legislators will be back tomorrow morning.

Not a whole lot of surprises, or fireworks, today. As we talked about, there was little the GOP could do to stop this and I don’t believe they even spoke out against the plan as a couple Democrats did on the floor before the vote.

Today’s final tally was 65-56 (roll call). It looks like four Republicans supported the plan: Roger Ishee, Billy Nicholson, Bobby Shows, and Tommy Woods. Seven Democrats (mostly from the Black Caucus) opposed the plan: Bryant Clark, Mark DuVall, Jim Evans, Robert Huddleston, Chuck Middleton, Mary Ann Stevens, and Adrienne Wooten. Rufus Straughter, a Democrat, did not vote.

Here’s what we’re looking at. If the LBC members who opposed it remain opposed to it, then five votes are needed to stop the plan. There are four Republicans who might be on board and then you need one Democrat. One of the surprising “yes” votes, in my opinion, was Rep. Jeff Smith, who challenged Billy McCoy in 2008 and is planning to run for Speaker again (even though this map would make it more difficult for him to win). Could he be convinced to vote against it?

Of course, Democrats have five LBCers among the opposition and would just need to convince one of them to support the plan for passage if the scenario I mentioned does indeed happen.

Otherwise, next stop is the Senate.

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