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Friday Morning Redistricting Notes

March 4, 2011
tags: redistricting
by Brett

According to Rep. Greg Snowden, a vote will take place on the proposed House map today at noon. He predicts it will be held on a motion to reconsider leading to a Saturday morning session which will have the plan on the way to the Senate before members adjourn for the weekend.

But before that, here are some more notes on the proposed plan:

** It seemed apparent that House Republicans, who were pretty happy with their own districts for the most part, aren’t as thrilled when looking at the entire map. This joins the sentiment shared by the state party.

** Numbers crunchers have been looking at the data of the specific districts for the GOP (and presumably Democrats have been doing the same thing) beyond the BVAP and at numbers such as the vote for Haley Barbour and John McCain in the proposed district. Republicans are looking to see if this is a map where they have a legitimate shot at winning control of the House (which on the surface it seems the cards are stacked against them).

** House Republicans do, however, realize the numbers just aren’t there to kill this and support a GOP alternative. An alternative may be proposed and voted upon, but the votes simply aren’t there.

** Realizing this will pass the House (in all likelihood), the battle goes to the Senate. What I have heard is that Senate members don’t really want to stand for election two years in a row; but that is something Haley Barbour, Phil Bryant, and the state GOP seem to be in favor of if necessary. (One group of people who really do not want to stand for re-election in 2012 has to be the Blue Dogs. Remember, Barack Obama will be on the top of the ticket then).

** I have heard some rumblings that the Black Caucus isn’t exactly thrilled with the map either, but I don’t know if they actually do anything to stop this and offer their own proposal.

** Mississippi Forward, the state’s affiliate of the National Taxpayers Union, sent out this press release arguing that Democrats should provide a 72 hour window to review the proposal; similar to requirements in Congress.

** Also in the presser was a list of towns that were broken up by the proposal: Brookhaven, Carthage, Clarksdale, Cleveland, Eupora, Grenada, Magee, Mendenhall, McComb, Meridian, Natchez, Oxford, Philadelphia, Picayune, Senatobia, Starkville, Tylertown, Wiggins, Winona, and Yazoo City.

** It looks like HD 45, currently held by Rep. Bennett Malone (a vulnerable Democrat) was redrawn so that his challenger Jay Mathis would now reside in HD 44 with Rep. Scott Bounds, a Republican. This is the second instance where we have seen this with the first moving Chip Wood, a challenger to Rep. Harvey Moss, to HD 1.

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  1. Kent Alexander permalink
    March 5, 2011 12:03 pm


    I would like it mentioned that the same fate that happened with Jay Mathis and Chip Wood has occurred in my race. I have lived in District 93 for 20 years, with Dirk Dedeaux being my Representative for 16 of those years. I have been campaigning since January 2010 for this seat and made my intent clear that I was running by qualifying on January 16th of 2011. With the unveiling of this politically one-sided map, it shows that I am no longer a resident of District 93, but instead residing in District 116. As we all know, District 116 is held by Republican Casey Eure, who just was elected on February 1 to replace Congressman Steven Palazzo. I am running to replace Dedeaux, because he has poorly represented me and District 93 for so long. I am not running to challenge a longtime friend and freshman Representative Eure. I am hearing more stories across the state where a Republican challenger is being cut out of their district to be thrown into a district currently held by a Republican. It’s not just an issue with one or two races, but there are multiple cases (at least 5) that I know of so far.

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