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Proposed Senate Map Unveiled

March 7, 2011

State Senators got a first glance at the proposed redistricting map this afternoon. A couple quick points:

** The committee passed the Senate map (the one designed by Sen. Terry Burton) without opposition. There is not one, but two alternative maps, that we are aware of: One designed by Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant and another by the Black Caucus. Those maps can be proposed as an amendment. We will get any and all maps up when available.

** Here is a copy of that map and here is a copy of the statistics that go along with the new map.

** On the Burton plan, it would increase the number of majority-minority districts from 12 to 15. One of those three will be SD 29, currently held by Sen. David Blount (D-Jackson). His district was at 36 percent BVAP ten years ago and has been trending in that direction. Two others are Republican held districts. Sen. Eugene Clark (R-Hollandale), whose district was 42 percent BVAP ten years ago, now has a district that is slightly majority black (50.36 percent). Also, that much talked about Pine Belt district has been made majority black. It turns out the new district will be SD 41 at 59 percent black. SD 41 is currently held by Sen. Joey Fillingane (R-Sumrall), but his district will be moved to SD 44 (the seat being opened by Sen. Tom King).

** The district of Sen. Jack Gordon (D-Okolona), SD 8, has been collapsed. It has been moved to Horn Lake and Southaven portions of Desoto county, giving the county a third Senate seat.

** Phil Bryant issued this statement on the maps going forward: “This is the beginning of the process. I continue to oppose the gerrymandered district within the Pine Belt area that collapses a Republican district only to create one controlled by Democrats. I am just as concerned with the House plan and do not expect to see it supported by the Mississippi Senate.”

** What exactly the Senate will do about the House maps continues to be the question. We know it will be referred tomorrow. We don’t know a whole lot more than that right now.

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  1. BigSkyBob permalink
    March 8, 2011 12:46 am

    The 22nd district is both overpopulated, and overpopulated with overwhelming White voters on its Southeastern edge. Removing Whispering Lake would both move it closer to ideal population, and increase the BVAP. What defense would Mississippi have to the Justice Department objecting?

    If the GOP “trades” passing this map for passing the House map the end result will be the House map going into effect, and the Senate map being decided by the courts.

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