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Tuesday Morning Redistricting Notes

March 8, 2011

Here are a couple quick notes on the redistricting battle:

** Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant has said he intends to double refer the House redistricting maps, although he hasn’t said where they are headed.

** Rep. Bobby Moak (D-Bohue Chotto), a likely candidate for Speaker from the McCoy coalition if Billy McCoy does not run again, said this about the Senate: “You have someone (Bryant) who’s attempting to manipulate the outcome and will of the Senate and that’s something that’s not good in either chamber.”

No word on what Moak thought about McCoy and Tommy Reynolds “attempting to manipulate the outcome” in the House chamber by stacking the redistricting committee which then produced districts favorable to Moak.

** Here is a clip from the Gallo show last week when Tom Miles, a challenger to Rep. Tracy Arinder, and Chip Wood, a challenger to Rep. Harvey Moss, called in to talk about how they had been redistricted out of the districts where they were running.

Also, Miles is circulating this email calling for the rejection of the House plan in the Senate.

** Quitman town officials, including Mayor Eddie Fulton, have publicly objected to the proposed House maps which would split the city into three separate districts.

Clarke County Circuit Clerk Beth Jordan said this: “Every census since I’ve been here, they’ve given us an additional representative and it reduces voter strength. We’re so fragmented that we don’t have any say in the legislature.”

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