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Friday Ramblings with Robert

March 18, 2011

Put Him Out To Pasture

It is hard to find words to describe the path that Billy McCoy is threatening to take now that the Senate has invited the redistricting battle into conference.  His leadership right now at the moment could easily be called in to question and it helps me recall this quote from the Bible:

And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch. – Jesus (Matthew 15:14)

At a time where leadership must prevail to help solve the issue at hand, McCoy has taken the my way or the highway approach to redistricting.  Will a House and Senate conference solve the redistricting issue?  It will be hard to answer that if McCoy chooses not to take part in a legislative process that occurs all the time to solve differences between House and Senate legislation.  True, the stakes are higher with the issue at hand, but it is a job that should and can be handled if the sides are allowed to get together.

Billy McCoy has a chance to do the right thing here by sending conferees to meet with those appointed by Phil Bryant, but if he foolishly stands in the way then it will be time for him to be put out to pasture by the people of his district.

Not Being Talked About Enough

Bill Luckett really could not have gotten a better week for the news about his residency status to come out.  The news this week has centered on what is going on in the state legislature in terms of redistricting as Luckett’s story has skated by fairly easily.  The man who wants to serve all Mississippians and move Mississippi forward was still voting in Memphis, TN less than 5 years ago.  Luckett may or may not even win the primary, but if he does do not think for a minute that this issue will once again heat up leading into November.  State Democrats have already decided it is a non issue for them by allowing him to stay on the ballot, which is their prerogative.  The residency issue will just add another difficult hurdle to overcome for him to win the Governor’s race as a Democrat, which may serve as the largest hurdle of all.  Mississippians are a crafty bunch and they will not be fooled by any smoke and mirrors effort to deflect any attention away from this in November.

Heading Home

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