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Harper To Endorse Yancey Tuesday

March 21, 2011
tags: 2011 Treasurer, Gregg Harper, Lee Yancey
by Brett

It was announced yesterday that Rep. Gregg Harper will endorse state Sen. Lee Yancey in his quest to become state treasurer on Tuesday. Yancey is matched up against Lucien Smith, who served as counsel to Haley Barbour, and Lynn Fitch, former director of the State Personnel Board, in the Republican primary.

During this primary campaign, with competitive Republican races for governor, lieutenant governor, treasurer, and agriculture commissioner, we have seen a couple endorsements from prominent Republicans in the state. Previously, former Sen. Trent Lott had endorsed Phil Bryant and Billy Hewes in their campaigns for governor and lieutenant governor, respectively.

But I would say a Harper endorsement holds more sway than anything from Lott these days. Within the Republican primary electorate, I would imagine Harper is the most popular figure outside of Haley Barbour. This is probably even more true in Rankin county- home to Yancey and Harper- which also happens to be one of the key counties in the GOP primary. We’ll know early on just how significant this endorsement is when we see the next fundraising numbers.

Here is a statement from Harper: “It’s been an honor to know Lee Yancey for many years. He is a strong, proven conservative. When you are electing someone to oversee your state treasury, you need a person with Lee Yancey’s character and backbone. Our nation is facing many challenges, especially regarding our country’s debt and spending. I am going to work hard to protect our tax dollars in Washington, and it would be reassuring to know that back home, Senator Lee Yancey is protecting our tax dollars in Jackson.”

Here is a statement from Yancey: “I am proud to have the support of a conservative Mississippi leader like Gregg Harper. When I think about the people I want counseling me in an important election like this, Congressman Gregg Harper is at the top of the list.”

I do not believe Harper has made any other endorsements at this point.

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  1. SandiK permalink
    March 22, 2011 9:55 am

    My personal opinion is that Greg Harper has some nerve worrying his mind about state politics when he is failing to do his job. His recent vote on a piddling little budget cut which didn’t even cover the money allocated during the time they were discussing it (most recent Continuing Resolution) shows he’s out of touch already.

    I’ve already written him to let him know that his celebration of a candidate so early in the process has actually decreased my enthusiasm for Yancey (though I like the young man). If Harper can’t vote to balance our budget, how on earth would we want to look at his selection for Treasurer?

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