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Wednesday Afternoon Redistricting Notes

March 23, 2011

A couple updates on the continuing battles on redistricting:

** The most recent came out of the Senate. Hob Bryan introduced a new redistricting resolution and moved for the Senate to consider it as a committee of the whole. As far as we know, this was similar to the resolution that passed the Senate previously, featuring just the Senate plan. By a 23-25 votes, it was rejected. Republicans Briggs Hopson and Terry Burton joined with the Democrats on this.

Of the strategy behind this, I suppose Bryan and the Democrats were bringing this up in hopes of flipping a few votes on the concurrence vote when it came back.

** In an AP article on this vote, they have a very interesting piece on Rep. Ed Blackmon. Apparently, he is planning on “attacking the Senate plan in court” because “it’s not fair to the black community.” Majority-black districts would increase from 12 to 15 in the Senate under the plan the chamber passed.

** Rep. George Flaggs released a statement this morning stating that he would like to see Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant and Speaker Billy McCoy come to a deal on redistricting. He also seemed to be against litigation at this point. This followed up previous comments from Flaggs where he had said there is still time to make a deal. Y’all Politics had more on this this morning. And there are plenty of rumors going around regarding appointing conferees, but they are certainly just that at this time.

** Rep. Mark Baker, a Republican who sits on the House Apportionment and Elections committee which voted to join in the NAACP lawsuit on redistricting, has stated that he will use that position to demand that the hired attorney will keep him fully informed before he takes any action. And Baker said that would pursue action with the Bar if he doesn’t.

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  1. Republican Dawg permalink
    March 23, 2011 2:51 pm

    About what we would expect from Blackmon.

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