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The Senate Will Have To Vote

April 7, 2011

Yesterday we discussed and heard about several options over how the Senate can proceed with their resolution which was completely turned on its head by the House yesterday when they inserted their House redistricting maps to it. Republicans still insist that what the House leadership did was an inappropriate, and unconstitutional, move as it did not relate to the resolution. has more on the House rules.

We said yesterday that whether or not you believed the House maps should have been inserted depends little on the rules and mostly on your personal opinion. And we know where Speaker Billy McCoy stands on the issue and he ruled that what the House was doing was perfectly fine. And when you’re the Speaker, you can do that.

So now that it is in the Senate, they are going to have to take action. There may either be a direct vote on the new resolution, some type of proxy vote, maybe a vote to Sine Die; but either way there is going to be a vote on whether or not the Senate agrees with the House maps. As of last night, I believe there was some uncertainty on the Republican side as to how the vote was going to go down. There just continues to the fence-sitters that the Republican leadership is again worried about. The votes were there to Invite Conference three weeks ago and if Republicans want to kill the House Democrats plan they need to be there again.

Update at 11:30: Sen. Chris McDaniel was on The JT Show a few minutes ago and said he does not believe the Senate leadership will take up the amended resolution with the redistricting maps that the House passed yesterday. He mentioned several of the questions that House Republicans raised yesterday. McDaniel basically said it was time to go home. Asked if they had the votes for Sine Die, he said he believed they do. He also said Senate Democrats would likely try one last time to bring the maps up, but he doesn’t believe they have the votes for that. The Senate is in recess until 1:30. We will have a new post with details after the Senate acts.

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